Friday, April 11, 2014

When you don't know.... FAKE IT!!! Then go learn it...

Improvisational Players need to know everything about everything, right?

YES! But you can fake it. As an Improv performer YOU KNOW EVERYTHING. Or at lest we pretend to know everything. If you do not know much about a certain subject. Pretend. Fake knowledge is funnier than the truth anyway.

BUT If you are challenged by something the audience throws your way, after the show go look it up. With the internet these days, there is no excuse to not constantly expand your knowledge. And the more know the better you will be about playing any scene.

NEW TO IMPROV? Then I do not expect you to know everything. I certainly do not. But I am always brainstorming new ideas for World's Worst so I am better prepared for the next time I am stumped.

Pretending to know... So here is the thing... If you pay attention and focus, you can seem a lot smarter than you are. Or perhaps you can actually realize your true potential.

As soon as you shy away and get scared of being ignorant or looking foolish, you look ignorant and foolish.

As soon as you puff up your chest with air and confidence and think "I GOT THIS!!!" You got this!!!

We are not brain surgeons or rocket scientists. Lives are not in our hands. If we fake it, the audience is entertained.  If we pretend, we are being actors. If we exaggerate the truth we are being comedians.


When you are fearless on stage you surprise yourself every time. After the show people will say - "WOW You guys are fast on your feet. Witty." Right after I felt like I stumbled through barely getting by (on the inside).

THEN as soon as you get off stage, return to earth. Go to your journal.

What did the audience throw you you did not know?

What stumped you?
Celeb News?
Classical Literature?

NOW GO TO WIKI!!! I should be paid by WIKI to advertise LOL but seriously this resource is endless.

I can't stand when I see an Improviser say two shows in a row - "I have no idea about that" NO EXCUSE. Most even have internet on their phones. LOOK IT UP between shows.

First of all - you should NEVER say that on stage. If nothing else it freaks out your scene partner. It seems as if you are giving up BEFORE the scene even starts. Just saying that is wasting time you could be brainstorming for ideas. But you are also turning off your own creativity.

NEVER be phased by a scene suggestion. Any suggestion you get should set off the creative juices. Throw yourself into brainstorm mode.

If self confidence does not come easy to you, FAKE IT!!! Practice pushing your limits little by little. Take some chances. Every time you get up in front of a group it gets easier. Every time you read in class it gets easier.

Every time you shy away and let fear get the best of you, you doom yourself to a life of fear. Trust me. AS someone that teaches workshops to kids, teens and adults. I see people held back by their own fears every day. I wish I could fix everyone. I cannot fix anyone. This has to come form with in your self. I can only hope to inspire you to take some chances.

But just like as an Improv player my choices will not kill anyone... Take chances to overcome fear of public speaking and being creative never hurts or kills. Most fears we have are invented in our own head. We are our own worst bully.

Always be looking for ways to improve yourself and your knowledge. Don't be lazy. Otherwise, others will just pass you by left and right. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.





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