Friday, April 25, 2014

Field Trip Feedback form NYC Teacher

A letter from a host teacher from Apollo Charter School regarding their field trip yesterday to EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH at the BROADWAY COMEDY CLUB

"Hello Amelia (Fowler), Thank you and all your colleagues for your VERY entertaining performance.

Our scholars, parents and all the teachers truly enjoyed the creativity and laughs.

This was our best trip this year! I will recommend this trip to all my teacher friends!!

Can't wait to return next year!!


Apollo Charter School

Improv 4 Teens & Improv 4 Kids (Grades K-5) by Eight Is Never Enough deliver hilarious shows and fun workshops every day for K-12 schools, camps and family events. So fun students do not realize they are learning valuable life skills. We are on track to present 600 shows for K-12 audiences in 2014...

Creative Writing and Thinking
We free minds, make students curious about life and turn on creativity

Team Work
We teach similar workshops to corporate teams form fortune 500 companies and local businesses. We say "Why not teach these valuable skills to students soon entering the work force" 

We teach valuable skills that many students are not getting in school these days. Self Confidence, Public Speaking, Listening, Focus, Eye Contact all help students do better in school AND eventually get better jobs. These skills help students in job interviews and climb the ladder

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