Friday, February 28, 2014

Do what the animals do....

This blog is an addendum to TEEN OUTREACH PROGRAM PAGE

Translating at the jargon into practical use...

In the animal world ALPHAs (Pack Leaders) stare down would be challengers and followers with simple physical presence and and eye contact. Most often the pack will submit without physical altercation.  When a challenger does not back down, physical altercations occur. 

Humans really are not that different. And often a very intelligent person will lose to a "Leader" that is not afraid to make eye contact, speak in public etc. As a result you often have genius' working on a team lead by a shmuck. These teams almost always fail. HOWEVER the "shmuck" got the job because of his communication skills. I cannot tell you how many genius' (no exaggeration) that live full of resentment working for morons (again no exaggeration)

The most powerful teams I have worked with are lead by smart people that have learned these powerful public skills. And they know how to teach and empower their team to learn the same. 

Want to learn more about working on a powerful team?

I have become a huge fan of shows like SHARK TANK and THE PROFIT. These shows are reality TV that show inner workings or companies and investors. On both of these shows, wealthy investors put money into companies hoping to make a big return by investing in new or struggling firms. 

Now for the record I HATE REALITY TV. 

However, if you really study these programs, you learn what these powerful investors look for when looking for people to invest in... And in most cases, the people that succeed are great team players. OR the investors teaches them how to be GREAT TEAM MEMBERS.

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