In the 2013/2014 school year we presented over 600 shows to 100,000 K-12 students via our field trip program in Times Square or travelling nationwide to schools, after school programs, camps, family, religious and other non-profit organizations – Well over 5000 shows since our first shows at a Connecticut School in 2003.Click links below for more information and valuable resources that support our educational outreach programs and your own. CLICK HERE for public shows & workshops in New York City

OVERVIEW OF OUTREACH PROGRAMS Shows, Workshops, Residencies, Professional Development - In addition to being great a cultural arts experience, Improv shows, workshops and residencies are the coolest  way to get students excited about and teach creativity (writing and thinking), community (communications, listening, focus, respect, eye contact), and leadership (public speaking, self-confidence).

CORE CURRICULUM Perfect for any cultural arts programming and education, Improv also is a fun way to teach Language Arts (Oral Communications, Story Telling, and Creative Writing/Thinking) and provides a number of Character Building tools.

THE SCIENCE OF LAUGHTER Improv shows make audiences laugh. Laugher has been scientifically proven to benefit physical, mental and emotional health.

IMPROV STUDY GUIDE - An overview of Improv concepts and techniques with an Anti-Bully Theme.

STAGE 101 STUDY GUIDE - When in doubt, remember the basics!!!  

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH www.8improv.com IMPROV 4 KIDS (K-8) www.improv4kids.com
IMPROV 4 TEENS (6-12) www.improv4teens.com
For booking and more info SGF PRODUCTIONS, LLC www.fpny.org 212-568-6560 info@fpny.org 

We send our shows, workshops and residencies nationwide!!!

Patrick Reidy opens show Labor Day 2013 at
Montclaire State University, New Jersey
with Walt Frasier at the Piano

Hilarious interactive musical improv comedy shows fit into any venue and reach every crowd. And we have been a hit at schools, Bar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16s, graduation parties, colleges (including preview weekends and orientation for incoming freshman) and even corporate events. Whether for educational purposes or simple entertainment needs, these shows - which have appeared off Broadway and top NYC clubs since 2002 - are perfect for any occasion. CONTACT SGF PRODUCTIONS for BOOKINGS info@fpny.org 212-568-6560



Since 2004, 8 Improv has performed shows at schools, camps and non-profits. We work closely with a number of after school and leadership programs to bring valuable skills. We have even placed teachers around the NYC area teaching weekly classes. Some of those classes, thanks to support from the school principals, have been credit bearing programs, with student earning graduation credits (Usually Fine Arts, sometimes English Electives). 

While Improv is a must for any actor, Workshops by 8 Improv are by far the most fun way to learn valuable skills for job interviews and the working - and even leading - a team. Those with powerful communication skills have a distinct edge over others. The ability to communicate in many cases out ways any other skill. 

How often do you sit in class - BORED - as teacher talks about analyzing stories, plots, poems, etc. Performing Improv we study almost the exact same elements of story telling but from the application point of view. As Improv performers we are performer, writer and director. We learn about creating characters, settings and actions (Elements of Plot etc) but you do not realize you are actually studying language arts because it is 100% fun. After just 1 session of Improv, your creative mind is turned on and you begin to think and write more creatively in all areas of study and life.

The ability to communicate with others this day in age is one of the most valuable skills. We teach corporate teams with members 20-70 years old these skills. Learning these skills in your teens and you will be running those teams. TWO big reasons to take our programs. ONE - as schools become more and more TEST- PASSING in focus, oral communications are taking a back seat. Fewer students are getting these valuable skills. TWO as more and more become attached to computers and smart phones, our need to to communicate daily becomes less, but this gives us less practice. So when you really need these valuable skills, you are in the dark. Beyond the work place, community skills are invaluable in building friendships and other personal relationships.

Studies show more people are afraid of talking in public than dying. This was the premise for Jerry Seinfeld jokes and TV episode 15-20 years ago. It is only becoming more and more true. Again in corporate workshops, I have had grown adults run off stage in tears fearing the most basic interactions. Want to know a big secret? The difference between confident and nervous people? "Confident" people have learned how to hide and/or control nerves. We get nervous. We fear defeat and failure. But at some point we took that first step to overcome. The sooner you take that first step the easier it is. AND the more steps you take the easier public speaking gets.

During our classes we focus on:
SELF CONFIDENCE: We present a safe environment to play. Students open up and free themselves from the bonds of fear. 
EYE CONTACT - One of the scariest things in the world to do is make eye contact with someone. 
FOCUS - How often do adults yell at you "FOCUS" Focus is a skill. One that can be learn by simple practice. Focus is also an ACTIVE CHOICE. When we choose to focus we learn faster and accomplish more.
LISTEN - Ask any theater, music or even dance teacher and they will say the most important skill to develop is listening. ACTIVE LISTENING includes becoming aware of your surroundings 360 degrees.
PUBLIC SPEAKING - Ever have a conversation with some that never stops talking but says virtually nothing? Ever talk to someone that seems afraid to really open up and share? Have you ever been afraid to even read form a book in class? From our first exercise, we focus on speaking louder, clearly and with purpose. Combined with Eye Contact, Focus and Listening we gain power. 
Posture / Physical Presence - How often does mom say - stand up straight. Shoulders back... In theater, we always talk about those that have a natural presence. BUT I submit to you, that "PRESENCE" comes form active listening and focus. Charisma is completely different from beauty.

FEEDBACK Regarding shows, workshops and residencies - Lisa Palotti (Speech Teacher) to John Renner (Principal) from Summit School Queens Here's my report: OMG it was awesome! Truly one of the best activities I've ever seen take place here at Summit! We gave them a very large group of kids to work with, and they handled them wonderfully. The way that they related to the kids was terrific, and the activities they led worked on so many pragmatic language skills in SUCH an effective way, including increasing the kids' awareness of their bodies in space, body proximity, eye contact, voice, and generally how others perceive them from their non-verbal cues. They also did word association and one-word stories that involved verbal expression and required kids to follow a story line. Almost all of the kids looked like they were having a fantastic time, and it was an activity where the shy kids could get to interact with others in a very structured (hence comfortable) way. At the end I spoke to the three members of the improv group and raved about how great they were and told them the specific ways that the activities helped our students. They asked me a number of questions, such as regarding how to handle various students' behaviors, and we talked about upcoming activities."

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