Thursday, October 30, 2014


Walt Frasier as MORE MICHAELS (AKA Michael Moore)
Caroline's Comedy Club, NYC
Nov 1, 2004
Night before 2004 Presidential elections
Exactly 10 years ago, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH produced a tour called ROB THE VOTE. In 2 months the show performed at a number of clubs (Rascals, Gotham, Caroline's), Theaters (Wings, Kraine, Under St Marks) and even some John Kerry fundraisers at Don't Tell Mamas.

We had fun with everyone RIGHT & LEFT.

I encourage ALL youth to educate themselves about your own country. Don't listen to rumor and speculation from friends and family. Watch the news. READ!!! Get to know your elected officials. if you like what they say - or more importantly DO - go vote to make sure they stay representing you. If you do not like what they say, GO VOTE THEM OUT and give someone else a chance.

You will never hear me say VOTE FOR THIS GUY/GAL. I make fun of all of them. But the day you turn 18 you can do two things. Fight for your country and Vote your will. You may be in the minority on some issues and things may not go your way. But far to often the minority opinion wins because their leader screamed louder and motivated their base to vote. Those thinking all is well stay home and are shocked when things change against their wishes.

Want to know a secret?

Our leaders fear you, the youth of America. You have opinions. You are smart. BUT you often do not participate in the process, and that empowers those working against your best interests.


ROB THE VOTE! was all about inspiring the young to VOTE their will and opinion. If everyone 18-25 voted, BIG CHANGES would happen in this country. 10 years later (now 40+) I may not as big a fan of what YOU want to happen, but I still support YOU making yourselves heard. One person can make a difference when ONE person becomes a crowd. It starts with ONE. It starts with YOU>


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