Friday, March 21, 2014

IMPROV: 50 Years Behind the Brick Wall now on NETFLIX


I will never forget the time I told younger comics THE ARISTOCRATS backstage at the Improv. Truth be told I had never heard about the "JOKE" but saw the documentary and all the comics said they become professionals when they told THE ARISTOCRATS backstage at the Improv.

This Documentary form EPIX and now available on NETFLIX has some of the best comics of the past few decades talking shop about the club that started it all, the first great comics, the crap they did on and off stage in the early years yada yada yada...
Sienfeld said something very interesting. "How come we don't have more mega stars more than every 13 years" (Paraphrased) Because comics today DON'T work as hard. Too many distractions. Leno talked about being homeless and sleeping outside the NY club waiting a chance to get on stage.

So what ever you do, don't tell you parents "Walt Frasier said I should go live on the streets of NYC"  but every time I hear young comics or actors say "I am paying my dues..." NOT!!!

Waiting tables, temping, retail etc is not paying your dues. If you want a real shot at greatness it takes 100% of your focus at no cost. Back then (before 1980s) comics did not get paid for their stage time at the Improv. They got up onstage and practiced their craft, hoping to get discovered. They would be fed and get some drinks.

Now I am not a fan of unpaid work, but Comedy has no school. (Comedy school for the most part is not where you learn your craft). I can teach you how to basically structure material and Improvise. However, without getting on stage, getting over fears, learning what truly works for yourself, no advice, class or book truly prepares you for a career like real stage time.


Performing is a full time job or it is a hobby!!!

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