Friday, January 31, 2014

TEEN FOCUS: Steven Prestia

"I've wanted to be a comedian since I was eight years old.  I started out taking local acting classes but what I really wanted was comedy.  When I was twelve, my parents found Gotham Comedy club's Kids N Comedy, which is  where I took my first comedy class.  Once I got a taste of being on stage I was hooked.  I attended Comedy College with Governor's Comedy Club and currently I take classes with Improv 4 Kids.  I have been with Improv 4 Kids since I was 13.  I have learned so much these last two years.  Improv is my favorite thing as it is quick thinking and challenging fun.  My goal is to one day be a Saturday Night Live cast member so sketch comedy is the way I want to go.  I enjoy making up characters the voices that go along with them.  Improv 4 Kids has given me opportunities to be on stage and feel secure with a team that supports me no matter what."

Steven Prestia currently performs regularly with Improv 4 Kids ands now takes IMPROV 4 TEENS classes every Sunday. 

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